Our menu could only be IIIMPAR


Bread & two chef’s dips selection


Our grilled “Caprese” salad
Homemade black pudding with egg and watercress
Crunchy shrimp dumplings
Salmon gravlax, fennel & citrus

Charcuterie selection

Portuguese cheese selection

Cheese & charcuterie selection


French fries

Roasted potatoes

Mashed sweet potato

Mixed salad

Sauteed mixed vegetables

Grandma style creamy rice


“Bulhão pato” style croaker

Confit salted cod “em cama de brás”

Octopus, smoked paprika, sweet potato & vegetables

Daily Fish selection


Beef Tenderloin steak w/ IIImpar sauce

Beef Ribeye steak

Beef Sirloin steak

Dry aged beef “picanha”

Iberico pork mix board

Roasted pork short ribs w/ barbecue sauce

Dry aged beef “entrecote”

Dry aged rib eye steak

Dry aged ox rib steak

Dry aged tomahawk rib


Chocolate mousse with crunchy cocoa

Lemon curd “cheesecake”

Fried ice cream, salty caramel, peanut & banana

White chocolate panna cotta